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Storytelling for Change and Transformation to Healthier Lifestyles

At RT Robinson Publishing, we are dedicated to utilizing our unique blend of public health expertise, storytelling prowess, and practical health and wellness knowledge to create engaging and effective content for older adults, seniors, health enthusiasts, and cognitive therapy patients.

Our mission is to assist business owners in the health and wellness industry who are seeking to empower individuals to manage their well-being and chronic conditions by providing accessible, actionable, and emotionally resonant educational materials, products, or services.

Here are the things I desire to do for your business. What specific needs do you have?
what I love to do

Sales Emails

The subject line must grab the attention the email offers, a clear value proposition, a strong call to action, and keep it concise.

I'm passionate about using storytelling to create impactful content. I can craft engaging pieces that educate, inspire, and entertain your audience, fostering brand loyalty and trust.

I'm flexible and open to discussing your specific needs and budget to ensure we find the perfect fit for your project. However, deadlines are where I draw the line. Meeting them is crucial to my process and ensures the quality of the final product.

Let's connect and discuss how I can help you achieve your content goals!

what I love to do

Sales Letters (Virtual)

You need a strong headline, an engaging problem-solution format, highlights benefits, social proof, and a call to action.

what I love to do

Product Descriptions

Will have a clear value proposition, concise features & benefits, targeted keywords, and strong emotional connection. 

what I love to do

Social Media Ads

Should contain striking visuals, emotional triggers or curiosity hooks, concise benefits & calls to action, optimized for the platform.

what I love to do

Blog Posts

Intriguing headline; addresses reader's pain point, offers a solution or conversational tone, and clear call to action. 

My Sample Work:

Social Media AD: The Importance of Reading Labels

what I love to do

It's important to read labels for anything you eat at any age. An older adult carefully scrutinizes a supplement label, highlighting the importance of reading labels to avoid potential side effects and make informed health decisions for optimal well-being.

View AD here

Blog Post: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Brain Boosting Supplements

what I love to do

This blog post is about brain-boosting supplements and how they can be helpful for cognitive function, especially as we age. It emphasizes that a healthy diet is still important and that supplements should be seen as a way to fill nutritional gaps, not replace good food choices. The text also stresses the importance of consulting a healthcare professional before taking supplements.

You can view the entire post here.

Product Description: Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain

what I love to do

Captured in the moment, an older adult engrossed in reading the label of Stonehenge Health’s Dynamic Brain supplement shares excitement over its transformative effects. A health enthusiast, seeking natural memory and focus enhancement, embraces this game-changer, symbolizing the pursuit of optimal cognitive function through informed choices.

View the Product Description here

Sales Letter / Virtual Sales Letter: Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Brand

skyrocketing wellness

The provided text offers solutions to common challenges faced by wellness businesses. It highlights the importance of building a loyal local client base and attracting new ones through digital marketing. It addresses the difficulty of finding local clients and offers strategies for effortless expansion.

View the sales letter here.

Sales Email- ENERGYSYL Energy Supplement for Seniors

what I love to do

ENERGYSYL offers free fitness advice to help you overcome plateaus, increase energy, find enjoyable workouts, and recover quickly. They're promoting a gift to improve your overall fitness.

To view the email, you can click here.